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I love mentoring! My mentorships are tailored to the beginner and aspiring photographer. I have so many calls lately about what I did when I started my photography business or various other aspects of photography.   This has led me to pursue offering mentorships to those aspiring to be portrait photographers.

I am an open-book. I will share with you what did and didn’t work when starting out.  We can talk about camera equipment, lens, workflow, post-processing, vendors, branding, marketing, online resources, posing, etc.  You can even come on a shoot with me if that will help get an idea of how I handle them and watch my workflow afterward. I do not claim to be an “expert” photographer, I just know what works for me and I would love to share that with you. I would have paid top $ to be able to talk to another established photographer about 2 months into my venture. I spent endless hours figuring out everything and I would be happy to give you a jump start with the knowledge of what worked for me.

If you want, I can critique your work for you.  The possibilities of discussion topics are endless.

Please inquire for full details so we can discuss what fits your needs!

Mentorships begin at $450.

raves + reviews

“Meghan is amazing. We know this. But getting to watch her work, um…yes! It was by far a dream come true. I have known Meghan since I was in junior high and had the privilege of watching her grow into the AMAZING photographer she is today. I am trying to become a photographer and was so blessed that Meghan offered mentorships. Meghan does nothing small. She went all out for our outing. She secured a beautiful model, bought props and scouted a perfect location. She spent time with me before we went out showing me a few things and then we had FUN!! I followed her around and was able to watch her do her magic. I was in awe the entire time. She’s AMAZING! After shooting she spent a good amount of time showing me her editing skills. I am so lucky she gave me this opportunity. If I didn’t live 17 hours away, I would probably beg her to take me out on every shoot. It was that much fun. I learned a lot and also realized in that moment that this is what I want to do. It was a dream before, but Meghan helped me put my dream into a reality. Most, if not all photographers, have that one photographer they look up to and inspire to be…mine is Meghan! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!”

-Michele S.

“Mentoring with Meghan Wiesman photography has been one of the greatest experience I have well experienced. After studying her work and well admiring it I decided to jump into photography, not knowing anything about which camera to get or anything about lighting. Meghan took me under her wing and helped me pick out the right camera for me. I am learning more and more after going on photo sessions with her, learning everything from good light and bad light, which poses are good, and basically how to use my camera better and why I am using it that way. I would highly recommend her for mentoring sessions.”

-Kim C.